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Owen Wilson takes on Steve Jobs’ role; only to unveil new personal care products

The nearly two-minute-long ad film also features his real-life pet Labrador Waffles as a guest star.

Renowned actor Owen Wilson has landed a fresh role - to play tech mogul Steve Jobs, sporting the iconic black turtleneck and delivering a captivating PowerPoint presentation to an enthusiastic audience.

Heavily inspired by the iconic unveiling of the first iPhone in 2007, a newly released ad for US-based personal care brand California Naturals not only features Wilson but has also co-written it. The nearly two-minute-long clip also features his real-life Labrador Waffles as a guest star. 

Wilson informs a captivated audience, "Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” But instead of the pocket-sized supercomputer, Wilson, who is the "chief shampoo officer" for the emerging brand, unveils three new hair and body care products "Meet Moisture".

Less than a year old, the brand began conversation with Wilson in August 2023. According to media reports, Wilson, known for his prolific work in Wes Anderson films and, more recently, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (MCU) Loki, has typically steered clear of commercials. While he boasts a few international ads on his résumé and some voiceover gigs for American brands, his involvement with California Naturals marks his inaugural official spokesperson role. This is also because he is an investor and advisor for the brand.

Wilson has put his money into several companies, such as the graphic design software Canva, the plant-based meat company Abbot’s Butcher, and the web3 company Metagood.

In January 2024, the brand roped in Wilson as its ‘Chief Shampoo Officer”.  This was soon followed by a Get Ready With Me video aimed at enhancing the appeal of its gender-neutral products. In the initial video starring Owen Wilson, running for over two minutes, he presents his unique interpretation of the TikTok-popular Get Ready With Me format. Guiding viewers through his morning routine, he begins by preparing a hair mask before transitioning to the shower to utilise California Naturals products instead. 

In an interview with New Beauty, the founder of California Naturals, Shelby Wild, said that Wilson started out as a fan of their products. “...having him involved with the brand in a bigger way has been incredible for its evolution. Outside of naturally embodying the laidback, approachable spirit of California Naturals—and having great hair!—Owen has been instrumental in tailoring our creative approach for our nationwide audience.”

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