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Parle Products launches 'Fab Feel' campaign for its Fab biscuits

It has been conceptualised and crafted by League Brand Partner and Paperboat Design Studios.

Parle Products, a manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery has launched a new campaign titled, ‘Fab Feel’ for its dark shell cream biscuits, Parle Fab! This campaign aims to position Parle Fab! as the ultimate snack for children that breaks away from the monotony of regular biscuits, offering them a fun and delicious treat.

Conceptualised and crafted by League Brand Partner and Paperboat Design Studios, the ‘Fab Feel!,’ campaign transports kids to a world of chocolaty amusement park the moment they indulge in the first bite of Parle Fab biscuits.

The goal is to captivate its target audience with a fascinating experience that takes the children to a chocolaty wonderland which offers an escape from their everyday routine, uplifting their spirits and brightening their mood.

Speaking about the campaign, Mayank Shah, VP, Parle Products said, "Our objective through this campaign is to elevate the Parle Fab! experience beyond being just a biscuit; transforming it into a symbol of joy and excitement for children. We are confident that the animated experience depicted in the TVC will deeply relate with our young audience, evoking a sense of fabulousness and tempting them to snack on the irresistible chocolaty taste of Fab. This campaign represents a small yet significant effort to offer children a fun break from their monotonous routines. Additionally, we aspire to foster stronger connections with our audience through this engaging campaign and deepen Parle's relationship with them.”

The animation, a catchy jingle, and the taste of chocolate promises to immerse kids in an adventure-packed experience, inviting them to enjoy the thrilling ride of this irresistible snack. Parle Fab cream biscuits available in two variants: chocolate and vanilla flavours.

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