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Rediffusion crafts a new narrative for Liebherr, 'Love Fresh Ideas. Love Liebherr'

The narrative is showcased through four freshly crafted films by Rediffusion that are being aired during IPL.

Liebherr Refrigerators opens up a whole new world of intuitively designed life innovations that make every day easier. From ‘Hands Free Opening’ that allows you to open the door with just a gentle push of a foot to the ‘Lever Handle’ that lets you open the refrigerator door with a slight push of your finger. From ‘Hot to Cool’ where you can put boiled milk straight from the burner into the refrigerator to ‘EasyFresh’ that ensures freshness for a longer time. It’s innovations in the refrigerator category Liebherr is at its simplest best this summer.

The features are showcased through four freshly crafted films by Rediffusion that are being aired during IPL. The story revolves around the life of two kids who cleverly win playful bets amongst each other on who will get to bat first. The campaign highlights Liebherr’s fresh ideas in a funny, innocent and playful manner.

Kapil Agarwal, managing director - sales, Liebherr Appliances India said, “Through our campaign, we aim to harness nostalgia and innocence to forge a genuine connection with the Indian consumers. By tapping into the childlike joy within us all, our message should resonate on a profound emotional level. In today’s cluttered mediascape I feel our communication approach is a refreshing departure in the refrigeration category."

Pradipta Roy, team lead – communications and brand management, Liebherr Appliances India, added, "At Liebherr appliances, innovation is our cornerstone. Our latest range brings unmatched convenience to Indian homes, inspired by 'Love Fresh Ideas. Love Liebherr.' To bring our story to life, we've created these captivating videos that showcase the benefits of our product innovations involving India‘s future heroes – Kids and against the backdrop of India's favorite sport – Cricket! “

Pramod Sharma, national creative director, Rediffusion Brand Solutions explains the creative thought saying, “Liebherr is a technology leader with innovations that amaze and delight consumers. In this summer campaign we have tried to capture the consumer delight through easy banter and high relatability. The twosome friends are playful and endearing. And through their interactions the new product features are highlighted. We believe the lady of the house will love our line-up and enjoy our ads.”

For a company that has been perfecting the art of preservation since 1954, the launch of these fresh innovations is another step in its long list of technologies that make modern homemakers’ life easy.

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