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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4’s arresting look will turn you over to its side

W+K Amsterdam’s horror parody flick for the smartphone giant, continues the cult of the flip.

“One peek at the wings and something changed in you. The great white light was revealed, and a believer was born,” exclaims Lucifer Morningstar to a hapless non-believer, who’s only recently witnessed evidence of divinity.

The lines are part of the TV show ‘Lucifer’, but perfectly encapsulates Samsung’s new spot for its Galaxy Z Flip 4, where a look is enough to make you switch sides to the South Korean smartphone giant.

A conjuring of W+K Amsterdam, one of five friends shares a techno-horror story of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: once you see it, you can’t get it out of your head. Initially dismissive, like a true horror flick, they fall under its spell, one by one.

This spot is a continuation of the 2022 ‘Join the Flip Side’ film, where a woman is trapped in a psychological nightmare after seeing the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Elena, the protagonist, is unable to see anything, but the flip in everything.

Outside the horror realm of the flip, Samsung, in 2022, urged people who’re on the fence, to jump and make the move, because it has everything that the Apple iPhone doesn’t have.

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