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TAM Report shows Ecom-Gaming as top advertiser in IPL 17 with 18% ad volume share

IPL 17 (2024) wintesses a 59% increase in categories and a 38% increase in advertisers compared to IPL 16.

TAM India has published its most recent report on advertising in commercial IPL 2024. It provides information on the statistics of the initial 31 games of IPL 2024.

As per the information, there was a 59% rise in the number of categories and a 38% increase in advertisers during IPL 17 (2024) in comparison to IPL 16 (2023). The top five categories in IPL 17 collectively accounted for 48% of ad volumes, with Ecom-Gaming at the forefront.

Additionally, Ecom-Gaming was the top performer in the category list for all 31 matches of IPL 17. The report also mentioned that Ecom-Gaming and Pan Masala were the popular categories in both IPL 17 and IPL 16. Two out of the top five Categories in IPL 17 came from the Food & Beverages Sector. During 16 matches, Sporta Technologies held the top spot in Advertisers, while Parle Products led the top spot in 15 matches in IPL 17.

In IPL 17, the top advertisers collectively accounted for 37% of advertising volumes. Moreover, Sporta Technologies, Vishnu Packaging, and K P Pan Foods were among the top 5 advertisers during both IPL 17 and IPL 16. In IPL 17, there were 37 additional categories and 94 extra brands introduced in the 31 matches compared to IPL 16. Parle Food Products and Groww claimed the first and second spots among the top 5 new brands featured in IPL 17.

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