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Uber thanks Americans for getting vaccinated while CARS24 urges Indians to get jabbed

The two pieces of communications are a starkly different.

Friends lying close to each other, going to attend a class together, a guy skateboarding, a girl jumping into a pool, making the most at a karaoke bar… these are the scenes of Uber’s new ad in the US that will feel alien to many back in India.

The cab-hailing app’s spot is a thank you note for all Americans who went ahead and got their jabs; this collective action has made it possible for the US to reopen and for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the country’s premier health agency to state that those who’ve received both shots of the vaccine no longer need to wear a mask when they’re outside unless in a big group.

And for those who’re on their way to get the jab, Uber revealed it “has partnered with the White House to provide free rides to and from vaccine appointments, now through July 4th. Free rides are available to everyone. Because everyone deserves access to the vaccine, and lack of transportation should never be a barrier to getting it.”

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Uber has announced a similar offering in India as well. “Any Indian citizen above 60 and 45+ age group with co-morbidities can now utilize these free rides to travel to and from the nearest authorised vaccination centre through easily redeemable promo codes,” said the company in a press release.

While Americans are celebrating the reopening of their nation and their lives, in severe contrast, India remains in lockdown mode and the rate of vaccination has slowed down.

CARS24, a leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned vehicles has urged people to go and get vaccinated through a social media campaign. The creatives showcase smart use of names of a few auto companies to spread awareness and the importance of getting vaccinated.