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WhatsApp does a Snap; new feature makes photos and videos disappear once opened 

BBDO India illustrates this feature through Ajju, who’s trying to move on after a breakup.

With the snap of two fingers, Thanos wiped out half of Marvel Universe’s population. One moment, they’re there and the next, gone.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has introduced a similar feature, but it’s not as evil in nature as Thanos’ act, despite his original intentions.

WhatsApp does a Snap; new feature makes photos and videos disappear once opened 

The leading messaging app’s ‘View Once’ feature, launched in August 2021, makes photos and videos disappear from the chat after they’ve been opened, giving users more control over their privacy.

Snapchat, the social media app, enjoys the fame of introducing this feature. “Delete is our default. This means most messages sent over Snapchat will be automatically deleted once they’ve been viewed or have expired,” reads the social media app’s website.

What BBDO India did to illustrate WhatsApp’s ‘View Once’ is to paint a touching story, one which most of us have experienced. It is Ajju’s journey of moving on with his life after his breakup with Mira.

Avinash Pant, director - marketing at Facebook India, said, “With the launch of this campaign, we wanted to showcase how the ‘View Once’ feature delivers on this commitment by narrating the story of a young couple, who are trying to move on post their breakup.”

“WhatsApp has always focused on building features that give users better control of their private moments. While clicking photos or shooting videos on our phones has become a big part of our lives, not everything we share needs to create a permanent digital record for us.”

Josy Paul, chairman & chief creative officer, BBDO India, added, “The film is about a young couple going through a breakup. You witness the stages of hesitancy and vulnerability. You see how the ‘View Once’ feature helps them stay connected and find the confidence to move on. The campaign celebrates authenticity, spontaneity and the freedom to be yourself in every moment.”

As per Jaydeep Sarkar, the ad’s director, “This story of two young people, who are moving on from a romantic relationship, but still want to forge a new equation and friendship, is so liberating and fresh. WhatsApp’s new feature ‘View Once’ helps them move on without the baggage of the past. The way the brand feature and the story are interwoven is truly magical. I wanted this film to feel real and raw, not just in its telling, but also in the moods it explored.”

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The ad is the latest one from WhatApp’s ‘Privacy Matters’ campaign. Building on its previous ‘It’s Between You’ campaign that was launched in July 2020, this one reinforces WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy, through its end-to-end encryption technology.

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