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Zomato delivers the first ad for its affordable home meals offering

Home-style meals prepared by home chefs start at Rs 89.

Regardless of where you live in the world, there is little to nothing matching the warmth of home food. Most folks would agree with this thought.

So does Zomato, the food delivery giant, which in February 2023 launched Zomato Everyday lets users order home-style meals crafted by home chefs at affordable rates. It starts at Rs 89.

The 40-second ad shows Rajni, a real-life Zomato Everyday home chef illustrating how we have grown up eating home food and even now, after one has moved out of the home, can continue to relish it.

A blog post on Zomato’s website reads:

Our food partners collaborate with the home-chefs, who design each recipe with love and care to serve you home-styled, wholesome food at the best prices within minutes. By using only the finest ingredients, the food not only tastes delicious, but every dish is of the highest quality. 

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