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Zomato reenacts the lives of its top customers in this content series

The brand has launched three films to celebrate the top-shot consumers with peculiar ordering behaviour.

Quick commerce and food aggregator platforms appear to have developed a tradition of putting out their yearly ordering trends statistics. In recent memory, we’ve seen Swiggy, Blinkit and Zomato reveal how consumers on their platforms behaved throughout 2023. But Zomato's spin on its report stands out. 

In a series of three films, the aggregator platform has put the spotlight on three special consumers who showed their love for food a little too extravagantly. The content series titled ‘2023 Stories’ has brought to light (so far) the stories of a gulab jamun lover (Anuj), a chai junkie (Asha), and a biryani freak ( Subhash).

The first film follows Subhash, a resident of Hyderabad who seemingly can’t go a day (or night) without biryani. With a runtime of 1:20 seconds, the film succinctly puts together all that goes into the life of an average biryani lover. Of course, Subhash is played by a paid actor, as the film reveals. He ordered 2800+ plates of biryani in 2023. That is more than seven a day. What?!

Asha, on the other hand, is an avid Chai lover/addict. No, really. She carries Adrak and Elaichi with her wherever she goes, and fills her gas tank with tea. Of course, the comic film is an exaggeration of Asha’s real life, played here by a paid actor, again. The real Asha ordered 1100+ Chai in 2023, by the way.

This brings us to the third character of the series, Anuj. He loves gulab jamun. I mean, who doesn’t? But for him, gulab jamun ‘can solve every problem in the world’. While Anuj might have found his elixir, he certainly didn’t shy away from showing his love for it throughout the year. Anuj ordered 1400+ gulab jamuns in 2023. 

A week ago Zomato revealed its food-ordering trends report for 2023. biryani and pizza topped the charts with over 10 crore biryani orders, followed by pizza with over 7.45 crore orders. The brand also revealed some of the heavy buyers of the year, with a Bengaluru user placing a single order worth Rs 46,273.

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