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FSSAI orders spice brands to cease sales after identifying unfit samples for consumption

Brands affected are addressing regulatory issues to ensure compliance and restore consumer trust.

FSSAI has instructed multiple Indian spice brands to stop selling certain batches of their products as they did not meet safety standards in recent lab tests, as reported by Trak.

The FSSAI started a thorough nationwide sampling and testing campaign on April 22, gathering more than 4,000 spice samples. Out of the 2,000 samples examined, 100 did not pass because of high levels of pesticides.

Companies such as Everest and MDH have been involved in the unsuccessful evaluations, and Rajasthan has already started to withdraw the impacted batches. The choice made by the FSSAI is in line with actions taken by food safety regulators in Hong Kong and Singapore, who have recalled products from these brands for safety reasons.

Companies that have been instructed to stop selling products have the option to challenge the ruling and can ask for the samples to be tested again at a laboratory designated by FSSAI. Recent events include heightened global attention on Indian spice companies, as regulators in Hong Kong and Singapore are recalling products from MDH and Everest for exceeding acceptable levels of ethylene oxide.

The FSSAI's firm actions demonstrate its dedication to maintaining the safety of food items in India, with the goal of safeguarding consumers and maintaining the reputation of Indian spice labels.

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