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Spotify expands revamped Spotify for Podcasters app to all creators, unveils comments

Creators can now manage, like, and reply to comments directly from the app

Spotify has unveiled a major update to its Spotify for Podcasters mobile app, now extending its features to all podcast creators, regardless of their hosting platform. This development marks a significant enhancement in accessibility and functionality for podcasters, enabling them to better manage and grow their shows.

Previously exclusive to creators hosted directly on Spotify, the revamped app now supports all podcasts. This means that any podcaster, regardless of where their show is hosted, can utilise the app’s powerful tools to engage with their audience and enhance their podcasting experience.

The update also introduces a new comments feature, evolving from the previously implemented Q&A functionality. Creators can now manage, like, and reply to comments directly from the app, fostering a more interactive and engaging relationship with their listeners. Listeners can leave comments on the Spotify mobile app, and creators can manage these interactions via the new Comments tab, which allows for approving, liking, replying, deleting, or reporting comments, as well as blocking users if necessary.

Creators will receive notifications for new comments, significant milestones, and chart placements. This feature ensures that podcasters are always informed about important updates and achievements related to their show.

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