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Perks of Having Health Insurance For Family

Want insurance for your entire family? Learn about the advantages of family insurance policy and clear up any misconceptions about it.

 In this uncertain world, acquiring health insurance has become a necessity. With increasing stress and a poor lifestyle, people are falling sick more frequently. The rising cost of medical care and hospitalisation has added to the problem. In such a scenario, having health insurance has become mandatory as it can save you from economic strain during medical emergencies.

Furthermore, getting health insurance is the best way to protect your loved ones. Health insurance for family protects every member of your family against unforeseen medical expenses and allows them access to first-class medical care without having to worry about expenditures.

The plan’s total insured value is available to all family members who are covered by it, and the policy doesn’t become void even if any family member passes away.

Benefits of Health Insurance for Family


Here are the details about the benefits you will receive with health insurance for your family:

1. Cost-effective Premium

The premium for family medical insurance is less expensive when compared to the sum total of premiums of individual health insurance for every member of the family. Hence, it is more viable to opt for family insurance plans which cover everyone in the family, saving you more money.

2. Coverage for Every Member

A family health plan covers your medical expenses alongside that of your spouse and children. Some insurance providers additionally provide specialised options for including your parents, in-laws, or other relatives. Any member who falls ill can use the policy’s covered money. Each family member has access to the insured amount and can use that amount to get medical treatment.

3. Maternity Coverage

Many individual insurances don't cover maternity. Family health insurance is valuable for couples who want to start a family. Along with providing additional security for any health-related expenses, it also provides excellent coverage for maternity-related expenditures.

4.  Peace of Mind

You can evaluate and select a family health plan that offers the most comprehensive features. When comparing different insurance plans for your family, look at coverage advantages and not just the amount of coverage. By doing so, your family insurance will encompass a maximum number of health risks. Then, you can be at peace, knowing that the plan will pay for all your major medical expenses.

5. Add New Members

In a family health insurance plan, you can easily add new family members. Depending on the terms and circumstances of the policy, you can obtain coverage for a new family member, for instance, a newborn child. By contacting your insurance provider and paying the additional premium, you will be able to add a new member.

6. Tax Benefits

Family health insurance plans are great as they provide tax benefits too. When you purchase a family insurance policy, you may claim a tax deduction of up to ₹25,000. For senior citizens, this deduction is increased to ₹50,000. Moreover, if you get a separate family health insurance policy for your family members, you may take advantage of an extra deduction of ₹25,000, which climbs to ₹50,000 if your parents are senior citizens.

Concluding Comments


While choosing the best family health insurance plans in India, one must take into account the variables that impact the premium, such as the fatality rate, individual and familial medical histories, yearly household income, and the coverage selected. Apart from these, the size of the family and the policy's terms and conditions are the essential factors that help in making a choice.

Always choose the medical insurance that meets your and your family's health needs. You should exercise the utmost caution and get advice from a professional before making a choice. Doing thorough research can help you choose a solid family health plan that will protect you and your loved ones and be a safety net for your future.

FAQs on Health Insurance for Family


  1. Which health insurance is best for the family?


Several insurance companies offer different health insurance coverage plans that provide distinct coverage and benefits. To choose the best one, you may compare these plans based on provided advantages and price.

  1. Are family health insurance more expensive than individual insurance plans?


Yes. You are required to pay more to obtain a family insurance plan. However, paying more will provide you with more benefits as well.

  1. Is there any age criteria to buy a family health insurance plan?


The maximum age for obtaining health insurance in India, according to the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI), is up to age 65.

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