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Komli Media launches Remarketing Demand Side Platform

The media company has also re-aligned its organisational structure to intensify its focus on remarketing and social.

Komli Media today announced the launch of an innovative, enterprise class remarketing demand side platform (RDSP) that enables digital marketers to convert site visitors into loyal customers with full transparency and management of media costs, customer data, campaign strategies and performance analytics.

Komli Media launches Remarketing Demand Side Platform
The launch further strengthens Komli Media's expertise and leadership in performance and social media advertising across Asia Pacific. The new platform is one integrated platform to manage remarketing across display, mobile and social.

It combines the transparency and self-serve benefits of a traditional DSP model with the ROI and scale of remarketing by adding features such as native dynamic creative optimisation, advanced audience segmentation, and built-in performance optimisation.

Advertisers also have the flexibility to either self-manage their campaigns using the platform or leverage Komli's campaign management and optimisation expertise while they build these capabilities internally.

Ashwin Puri, VP, remarketing, Komli Media, says, "Komli works with over 75 per cent of the top advertisers in APAC which gives us an opportunity to understand the emerging trends in this market. We are seeing remarketing spends for most performance advertisers increase rapidly and it will soon be one of the largest channels for digital performance advertising. As this medium becomes significant, advertisers will demand greater transparency and control, which is the evolution we have seen for search and social. Komli has really innovated here to create one of the world's first remarketing DSPs."

Komli is running campaigns across e-commerce, travel and finance verticals and has delivered successful results for Myntra.

Gowrishankar T S, manager, marketing, digital, Myntra, says, "Komli has been working with us as a remarketing partner and we are impressed with how fast the platform has scaled in a very short time. Their detailed reporting and analytics allows us to monitor our campaign performance and optimisation closely and brings a whole lot of transparency into the entire process. In addition, we are very happy with the flexibility of their system in integrating with our backend and optimising for specific business goals."

Amar Goel, CEO and founder, Komli Media, says, "Marketing via social and remarketing will be the key pillars of growth as we take Komli to the next level. We have aligned our leadership team so that we have people focusing at both a regional and product level."

As a part of increasing its focus on remarketing and social, the company has also announced key changes to its leadership team to align itself with these focus areas.

Puri will now head the Remarketing DSP business, in addition to the mobile business, while Matt Sutton will lead the social business. Mukesh Agarwal will run product management across the company and to drive growth in its core regions, Komli has promoted Damien Lavin to run the Southeast Asia and Australia regions.

Rakesh Malani's responsibilities have been expanded; he will run global HR, in addition to his role as CFO.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Komli Media has 300 employees across 12 offices in India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It offers solutions across display, mobile, social and video for marketers, agencies and publishers. The company is also building next-generation platforms that leverage the power of programmatic buying to make advertising across display, mobile and social efficient and transparent.

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