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Eureka Forbes Gives out Free Water Test Kits

The water purifier brand has launched a campaign to spread awareness about drinking water quality, its impact on health and the correct use of water purification technology.

Eureka Forbes has launched a pan-India mass awareness campaign to educate consumers about the impact of water contamination through its Aquaguard Water Test Kits.

The Eureka Forbes salesperson specialist, also known as Eurochamp will be reaching out to consumers to test their water quality and share a report card, and distribute these Aquaguard Water Test Kits free of cost.

Consumers can also call Aquaguard on a toll free number (39883333) and request a free demo and water test and get free samples of these test kits. The Aquaguard Water Test Kit consists of five small cylindrical bottles, each containing a 'bio pellet', made of highly enriched microbial growth media, which helps detect contaminants. The bottle should be filled with tap water, tested and kept under ambient temperature of at least 35 degrees Celsius, away from direct sunlight (such as in a kitchen) for 24 hours.

Eureka Forbes Gives out Free Water Test Kits
Eureka Forbes Gives out Free Water Test Kits
Eureka Forbes Gives out Free Water Test Kits
While clear or yellow water indicates it to be free of bacterial contaminants, a change in colour to black will signify the presence of contaminants. If the colour changes to dark black, it could be contaminated with disease causing bacteria, such as HPC Bacteria, TC Bacteria, FC Bacteria or EC Bacteria.

Consumers can check the water quality by accessing this link.

The campaign is also promoted via the social/digital pages ( and (

The campaign has been activated across 18 cities in which the brand's water labs are present. Apart from that, these water test kits have been delivered to each and every Eurochamp in all CRCs across 130 towns. Marzin R. Shroff, CEO, direct sales and senior vice president, marketing, Eureka Forbes says, "Today, water contamination is the biggest problem in India affecting thousands of lives, especially children. Our campaign is a drive to safeguard health of Indians by educating them and their kids about their drinking water quality and the right purification technologies. It can make a huge difference in creating a healthier nation and invariably fighting water contamination problems."

Contamination of drinking water causes more than 80 per cent of all diseases, according to WHO. To understand the impact of water contamination and key issues with drinking water in India, Eureka Forbes and GFK had conducted a nationwide survey titled "Kya Aapka Paani Beemar Hai" last year. The findings revealed that water contamination is biggest issue for more than 70 per cent households in India. It also revealed that toxic chemicals like arsenic and lead and disease-causing bacteria are also contributing to the alarming increase in the water contamination.

Eureka Forbes is a multi-product, multi-channel organization and a part of Shapoorji Pallonji Group. Its product portfolio encompasses water purification, vacuum cleaning, air purification and home security solutions.

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