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Fevikwik's 'Todo Nahin, Jodo' spot grabs attention

In a 40-second spot, launched during the India-Pakistan match on Sunday, Fevikwik says 'Todo Nahin, Jodo'.

On Sunday, cricket enthusiasts were treated to a memorable India-Pakistan match, our first victory in the ICC World Cup 2015. And to a humorous ad campaign by Pidilite Industries for Fevikwik, popular instant adhesive brand.

The 40-seconder, strategically launched during this captivating match, captures the daily faceoff between Indian and Pakistani soldiers at the Wagah Border in a humorous and light-hearted manner.

As an Indian soldier and his Pakistani counterpart, try and outdo one another in during their usual border-march, the sole of the Pakistani soldier's shoe comes apart. He looks appealingly at his rival, who, in a flurry of movement, miraculously fixes it. A slow-motion replay reveals how the Indian soldier whips out a tube of Fevikwik from his pocket and mends his rival's shoe instantly. They salute each other and disband, at which point a voice-over and super go, 'Fevikwik. Todo nahin, Jodo!'

Fevikwik's 'Todo Nahin, Jodo' spot grabs attention
"The campaign," says the brand team, "incorporates humor to promote the message of peace and harmony, using the theme of bonding. Titled 'Parade TVC', it subtly weaves in the brand attributes of Fevikwik as an instant adhesive, while promoting the broader message of strengthening bonds between people."

The TVC will be aired during the World Cup across key Hindi-speaking, and regional, markets.

Fevikwik's 'Todo Nahin, Jodo' spot grabs attention
Fevikwik's 'Todo Nahin, Jodo' spot grabs attention
Vivek Sharma, chief marketing officer, Pidilite Industries, says, "Fevikwik as a brand is known for its instant adhesion quality. In line with Pidilite's tradition of using humor in its advertising, the new TVC takes a witty perspective on human bonding. We launched the campaign with the India-Pakistan match at the World Cup 2015 because cricket, like Fevikwik, bonds people together. We believe the new Fevikwik TVC elevates the brand attribute of bonding from a functional to emotional level."

Piyush Pandey, executive chairman and creative director, South Asia, Ogilvy & Mather, the agency behind this campaign, says, "Fevikwik is about solving problems. Fevikwik is about bonding. Fevikwik is about bringing a smile on the face of everyone in the world."

Pandey's creative team includes Anurag Agnihotri, Nasrullah Husami and Saurabh Dixit.

The ad has been directed by Prasoon Pandey. Corcoise Films is the production house.

Launched in 1959, Pidilite Industries owns brands like Fevicol, M Seal, Fevikwik, Fevistik, Roff, Dr. Fixit, Sargent Arts, Hobby Ideas and Cyclo.

Sticky Insight?

Nima Namchu, chief creative officer, Cheil Worldwide SW Asia, is impressed with the way the brand ties the product proposition to the India-Pakistan theme.

"The ad definitely stood out during the match," he says.

Fevikwik's 'Todo Nahin, Jodo' spot grabs attention
Fevikwik's 'Todo Nahin, Jodo' spot grabs attention
Fevikwik's 'Todo Nahin, Jodo' spot grabs attention
What was it that stood out, exactly? He responds, "It's a simple, straight forward, light-hearted and entertaining film. Superb casting. There's tension in the moment... and there's humour, something the brand has been using for eons," adding about the creative execution, "While there is rivalry, it hasn't tipped over into the intense, 'enmity zone'; a lot of sports brands, for instance, tend to get into that trap..."

Any rules of thumb brands and their agencies ought to keep in mind while crafting ads for World Cup spots? "Duration for sure - the shorter the film, the better it is," answers Namchu.

Hari Krishnan, former senior vice president and business head, Grey, South, says about the TVC, "I really liked it... maybe because it was in the midst of a bunch of horrendous ads," adding as an afterthought, "Actually no, it was good even as a standalone piece. Very topical - great use of the opportunity that the match presented."

Satbir Singh, chief creative officer, FCB Ulka, says, "It's topical, adorable, and a welcome antidote to the mindless trolling that fans on either side were indulging in. It's share-worthy. Above all, it's true to the product. I wish I had done it."