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IAA Olive Crown Awards call for entries

The last date for sending in entries is January 15, 2016.

The India Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) has announced its Call for Entries for the sixth edition of the Olive Crown Awards. Organised by the IAA, the Olive Crown Awards were launched in 2011. The awards will be presented in St Regis hotel, Mumbai, on February 23. Through these awards, the organisation celebrates every year, excellence in communicating sustainability or 'green' advertising.

IAA Olive Crown Awards call for entries
The IAA Olive Crown Awards was started in 2011 with the aim to recognise the importance of sustainability. The importance of these awards has gone up recently with the UN Climate Change Summit, which took place in Paris last week. Among the 150 nations present, India played an important role at this Summit, and the advertising and marketing community, has therefore, an important role to play in order to create more awareness about climate change through the products and services promoted by them.

The awards will be given across 20 different categories which include Campaign of the Year, Green Advertiser of the Year, Green Agency of the Year and Young Green Writer of the Year. In order to be part of any of the categories, the ads have to pertain to certain guidelines.

For instance, the entries can be either in English or in Hindi, and in the case of any other language, the entrant should send the English translations for print and English subtitles for the film. The guidelines also include the time period within which the entries were released -- between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015. According to the guidelines, the entries should not be created for the purpose of winning an award, nor should the entries exercise Greenwashing.

In each category, the jury will award a gold and silver olive crown to the winners and the runners-up.

The International Advertising Association (IAA) is a one-of-a-kind strategic institution, which addresses the common interests of all disciplines across the full spectrum of marketing communications, from advertisers to media companies, agencies to direct marketing firms, as well as those of individual practitioners.

Founded in 1938, the IAA promotes the freedom to compete through responsible commercial speech, defends consumer choice made possible by commercial speech and upholds brand building communications as a force that can enable consumers to make an informed choice. The India Chapter of IAA (IC-IAA) was incorporated in July 1991, in order to form a local chapter of the global body.

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