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Cred enters the vehicle management segment with 'Cred Garage'

The new feature within the Cred app offers vehicle owners concierge services, parking services, and a lot more.

Fintech unicorn Cred has entered the vehicle management space with the launch of ‘Cred Garage’. The new feature offers several services relevant to vehicle owners like easy access to driver's licenses, vehicle registration certificates, and insurance papers. It also offers concierge services and parking services. 

Cred’s founder Kunal Shah announced the launch with an impressive teaser of the feature.

Cred has been building anticipation around this launch for a while now. The brand used its office space as a marketing tool and displayed a few antique luxury cars on its premises. The move left everyone guessing what it was all about.

They also launched a car show featuring some of the world's most recognised cars. The car show featured the mystery machine from Scooby-doo, Batman’s ‘Batmobile’, and Bumblebee from Transformers among others which further piqued curiosity around the launch. 

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