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CRED’s Kunal Shah, and Zomato tap into their altruistic sides

Shah has offered to pay a lucky chap’s credit card bill while Zomato to give one and five-year Zomato pro memberships for free.

Let’s be real, we all love it when someone offers to pay the bill for us or give us something for free. But, what happens when a brand offers to do it for you?

CRED’s Kunal Shah, and Zomato tap into their altruistic sides

Last night (21 Jan 2021) CRED’s founder Kunal Shah put up a LinkedIn post where he offered to "pay credit card bill of one person you recommend."

How? Well, you tag a person who’s helped you the most in 2020 along with a short story on how they’ve helped you. The CRED team will pick the best story and pay their entire credit card bill. Winners will be announced on 25 January.

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He'd used the hashtag #itpaystobegood which was also used for the credit card bill payment rewards app's latest ad featuring Jackie Shroff. The ad was part of CRED’s new campaign where it's “giving away Rs.16,00,00,000 worth of rewards for paying your credit card bills on CRED.”

Zomato, the online delivery company put up a post on social media where it said the comment on said post with the most number of likes wins a year's Zomato pro membership for free while the comment with the least number of likes gets a five-year membership.