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Modern Foods launches 'immuno bread'

The brand claims it has AYUSH Ministry recommended immunity ingredients.

There is bread, brown bread, multi-grain bread, and now we've got the latest iteration of this food – 'immuno bread'.

Yes, you read it right. Modern Foods, one of India's leading bread makers has launched 'Immuno Bread' and according to its packaging it contains turmeric, ginger, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, and jaggery – the pack says these are AYUSH Ministry recommended immunity ingredients. The cost of a standard pack is Rs. 50 in Mumbai. And yes, you get a free mask with it.

Ever since the lockdown, several brands have taken the onus to provide necessary immunity-boosting ingredients in their items. For instance, Dabur Honey did their bit to ensure 'cha' at tea stalls in Kolkata had honey, Dabur launched an immunity booster kit, and Emami Agrotech has launched an immunity booster edible oil.