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Pepsi’s 125th birthday celebrations to go on for 125 days, include a new logo rollout, and even a diner

Consumers in the States stand to win a free Pepsi-Cola as the festivities kick in.

Starting August 28, 2023, Pepsi Cola will start its 125th birthday celebrations that will go on for 125 days till the end of the year.

The party starts with the brand offering free Pepsi to everyone across the U.S., according to a press release. All consumers need to do is text "PEPSI125" to 81234.

The cola major has planned 125 various types of programming over the 125 days of celebrations, including immersive events, social content moments and giveaways.

This milestone also marks the official transition to the brand's new logo and visual identity across all touchpoints including packaging, signage, equipment and more.

Along with this transition will be a suite of high-energy commercials set to run across linear and digital platforms.

A major highlight of the celebrations is the opening of The Pepsi 125 Diner in New York City from October 19 to 25, and the tickets start at $50 per person.

Pepsi’s 125th birthday celebrations to go on for 125 days, include a new logo rollout, and even a diner

The release says attendance includes a full three-course meal, complimentary Pepsi beverages and cocktails, and a front-row seat for an immersive Pepsi experience.

"Pepsi has become an iconic brand over the past 125 years with a rich legacy of challenging the status quo in pursuit of enjoyment – both in the beverage industry and pop culture at large. As we celebrate the brand's historic milestone over the next 125 days, we will honour some of our most cherished cultural moments as we look ahead towards our next chapter with the rollout of the new Pepsi logo and visual identity," said Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer, Pepsi.

"The Pepsi 125 Diner will bring the best of Pepsi all together under one roof – from some of our favourite advertisements to our biggest music moments to our rarest product experiences, and so much more – it will truly be a one-of-a-kind immersive experience unlike anything else."  

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