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Reliance Retail is all set to bring back Shein to India

Reliance Retail could get benefits from Shein’s brand recognition, technology, and supply chain.

Shein, a Chinese fast fashion brand is all set to make a comeback in India with a partnership with Reliance Retail, according to a report by Wall Street Journal. 

The report highlighted that the Indian government has approved the partnership between Shein and Reliance Industries.

Shein was a popular brand in India among girls and boys. In 2020, the Ministry of Electronics and IT decided to ban it due to the India-China border situation.

According to the company’s website, the primary source of Shein-based products is the US, India, Brazil, and Australia. Since Shein is facing scrutiny over the sourcing of cotton in US, the company is likely to source fabrics from small businesses in India, which could help the company to diversify its supply beyond China.

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