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Ahmedabad’s Patang Hotel celebrates its refurbished return and its absence from Zomato and Swiggy

The OOH campaign may end up contributing to some earned media for the food delivery apps.

“As Patang is an experience hotel we would not be able to cater to you on your favourite Zomato app.”

This is the copy one can read at the bottom of a giant billboard somewhere in Ahmedabad. In the centre written in a giant white coloured font on a background of deep red – Not on Zomato. A similar billboard is seen for Swiggy in its shade of orange.

This is Patang, a 40-something restaurant in the giant city of Gujarat. It is popular because it is revolving in nature, and is in the shape of a chabutro – a commonly seen structure in the city created to provide food and water to birds.

More than the restaurant which is making a return, it’s the way it prides itself on its absence from the two food delivery apps. Patang may feel food delivery may not match its in-restaurant experience, but it might end up doing the opposite.

It reiterates the ubiquitousness of the two food delivery apps because one expects most if not all restaurants to have a presence on Zomato and Swiggy.

If a restaurant is not listed on them, it makes people wonder why. Patang may soar the skies once again, courtesy of its OOH campaign, Zomato and Swiggy might be secretly cheering for more such billboards. 

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