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Cred solves the mystery of its missing ads

The young cricketers Rinku Singh and Shubhman Gill also responded to this ad.

Cred ads were missing in this IPL edition, the ads featuring Rahul Dravid and Ravi Shastri went viral and drew everyone’s attention and netizens were expecting something more of that from the company this year as well.

This year, they launched an OOH campaign, in which it was written, “Our Only ad this Year” which was placed in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Delhi. Below it was mentioned, “Send money to anyone via Cred UPI and earn assured cashback”.

In the middle of this, Rinku Singh, a player who scored five sixes in five balls responded to this ad, and said “I thought I would get a call from the company”.

Another young Indian player Shubman Gill responded to this and said “ So the ad where I was reacting to ‘rumors around me is off the table? Thanks” and also tagged Kunal Shah, the founder of the company.

During IPL, the company is giving cashback and rewards for a user making CRED UPI P2P payment, and also 5 VIP IPL tickets, if a user makes P2P payments during powerplay.

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