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Instagram set to launch Twitter's competitor: Reports

The text-based app is expected to debut as early as June.

Meta Platforms' Instagram plans to launch a text-based app to rival Twitter, according to Bloomberg News. The app is expected to debut as early as June.

The company is currently conducting product tests with influencers and select creators. Additionally, one of the sources revealed that the product has been discreetly accessible to a few creators for several months.

Lia Haberman, a social and influencer marketing expert at UCLA, shared insights suggesting that the upcoming app will be separate from Instagram but will allow account connectivity. Haberman also posted a screenshot of an initial app description, indicating that it might eventually be compatible with other Twitter competitor apps, such as Mastodon.

“Historically, we know Meta likes to sample and recreate features from other apps and third-party tools based on what they anticipate being popular with their users. Based on Meta’s track record borrowing from other platforms, it’s much more likely they’ll get there first by consolidating all these experiences they’re building," she said, referring to Musk's plans of turning Twitter into an 'everything app'.

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