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Photoshopping exes out of pics, a ‘react’ video to moving on rituals and urging people to date: Tinder’s super-busy Valentine’s weekend

It was, for the lack of words, a pro-bono Valentine’s weekend for the leading dating app.

Dating is hard, falling in love is hard, being single is hard, Valentine’s Day is horrible. When you’re recovering from a breakup or plain single, all you want to do on this day is cover yourself with a blanket and not get out till the day is over.

Unfortunately, that’s not how reality works. While the world celebrated the day of love, Tinder seemed to be on the side of single individuals.

How do you ask? Well, the leading dating app photoshopped exes out of photographs and, in their place, added fun and enjoyable stuff like trees and ice creams. It all began when a user tweeted to Tinder lamenting that pictures and memories are ruined because your ex is in them.

The tweet was the matchstick that lit Tinder’s fire to become photoshopper-in-chief… Take a look at what it did.

It appears Tinder came well-prepared because a couple of days before Valentine’s Day, it got on board actress Ananya Pandey, and influencers Shreya Gupto and ‘That Indian Chick’ to react to the ‘Most Popular Moving On Rituals’. From listening to Oscar-winning British singer Adele to getting a revenge bod to girls’ night out… it’s a fun five minutes.

And, that’s not it. Tinder had first released a near three-and-a-half-minute spot called ‘Start Something Epic Again’. (Do you remember its epic Start Something Epic campaign?) It is a little tearjerker on how folks bounced back after their breakups and took the courage to find someone again. The ad has some fun family moments and an epic girls’ night out at the beach… check that out.