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Wieden +Kennedy India hires senior strategists; appoints Tania Dey and Snigdha Bose

Snigdha Bose and Tania Dey have been welcomed aboard the Delhi and Mumbai offices respectively.

Over the past year, since Santosh Padhi took over as CCO and Ayesha Ghosh joined as President W+K India, the Agency has opened up a Mumbai office and has made hires at the top level. 

Anirban Roy came on board as Strategy Head, Kapil Batra as NCD and Shreekant Srinivasan as Head of Delhi. The agency has been selective in signing up clients like Jio 5G, Clove Dental, Casio G Shock; campaigns for all of whom are in the making. 

Famously, the agency puts work above all else and to that end, their selectivity extends beyond the clients they sign-up, to their recruitment criteria. 

After a careful assessment of skills, values and cultural fit, Snigdha Bose and Tania Dey have been welcomed aboard the Delhi and Mumbai offices respectively. 

Tania Dey has always been interested in the intersection of technology and human behaviour. They bring with them skills in customer experience roadmaps and building omnichannel brands. Snigdha Bose has been a qualitative researcher, in which role she honed her understanding of the subconscious motivations that guide people’s decisions and behaviour. As a strategist she has used these skills to craft brand solutions that people would feel a real need for and resonate with.

Anirban Roy, head of strategy commented, "For the past year, we have been working towards onboarding the right kind of people and an eclectic mix of brands that we want to work with - so I am happy to have found Tania Dey & Snigdha Bose. They bring very different skills to the table which will add different colours to the strategic function. I am confident that they will influence both the creative output and the business outcome for our clients."

Ayesha Ghosh, president said, "W+K’s creative prowess is what it is because it is guided by depth. Talented people like Tania and Snigdha are the ones who dig deep while not being afraid to take intuitive leaps. With them on board, we feel further inspired and strengthened."

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