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Danielle wins hearts in the Spanish Lottery 18-minute Christmas ad

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, November 17, 2017
Oscar winning director Alejandro Amenabar directs a magical ad for Leo Burnett Madrid.
Danielle, the tale of an alien who comes to Earth

It is no longer just England that can lay claim to blockbuster Christmas ads. The Spaniards have just gracefully elbowed their way in. And this year it is an 18-minute long film that is creating waves.

Following the award-winning animated story "Justino" in 2015, and last year's charming "Carmina," agency Leo Burnett Madrid is going extra-long this year, releasing a film from Oscar-winning director Alejandro Amenabar that finds its magic in an extraterrestrial theme.

Danielle tells the tale of an alien who comes to Earth, takes the form of a human woman, and awkwardly tries to assimilate into Madrid culture without knowing how to communicate whatsoever, at least in the beginning. She meets a handsome tour guide. Even though they do not what the other is saying the connect deepens.

The film unobtrusively makes the Spanish lottery central to the story. And it poignantly gets across the message that the best part about the Spanish Christmas lottery is sharing it with the ones you love. The campaign that began with TV, will have print, radio, OOH, cinema and digital following soon.

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