Dieting is not just for the girls, neither is weight loss

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, January 17, 2018
More and more brands in the weight-loss industry are using male celebs. Only they don't call it losing weight anymore.
DJ Khaled is adopting a healthier lifestyle to be a better role model for his son.

There are major changes afoot in the weight-loss industry, with many marketers focusing on health and wellness, rather than calories, scales, inches and tape measures.

Two of the biggest brands - Atkins and Weight Watchers - have also taken another unusual step. They are hiring male celebrities to get the message across that feeling good, being active and living well is the key. It is no longer about, as the old ads said, 'getting a bikini body'.

And the models are no longer women. Atkins has film and television actor Rob Lowe expousing the cause of good health while Weight Watchers has artist-producer DJ Khaled. The point the industry is trying to make is that it is no longer a female issue. Living a healthy lifestyle and being healthy is as important for males too. Looking good is a positive fallout in the scheme of things.

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