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The Coming Changes

Five trends that will change the media landscape in 2018.

Here are some trends to watch out for this year.

Streaming Services

Services like Netflix are performing way beyond expectations. Netflix, for instance, added 5.3 million new subscribers during the third quarter of 2017. It is planning on spending more to continue that trajectory, with a content budget of roughly $8 billion for 2018 – a major leap from the $2 billion it spent last year.

Traditional Publishing vs Digital

The advertiser-digital giants face-off amidst allegations of reach and scale led to the latter’s image being tarnished by measurement errors and brand safety issues. Traditional publishers used this to further their image as more trustworthy options. This year will see more publishers pushing their credibility to rope in more advertisers.

Magazines and measurability

A new industry measurement system, Audience Measurement for Publishers (AMP), will be implemented later this year, which publishers hope will lead more brands to reconsider the medium and lead it to become more closely aligned with news brands.

Broadcasters, on the other hand, are ready to battle disruptors with Addressable TV and digital out of home is expected to become more personal. Read on...