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Lacoste's crocodile has disappeared

By afaqs! news bureau , New Delhi, March 06, 2018
After 85 years, the iconic crocodile vanishes from Lacoste polos. Why?

This is Lacoste's way of supporting the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Helped along by Paris-based agency BETC, the brand has done away with the grinning crocodile on a new line of its Polos to make way for animals that could use the visibility more.

"Save Our Species" kicks off a three-year partnership between Lacoste and the IUCN. The campaign spotlights 10 endangered species that will appear in a series of limited-edition polo shirts.

The 10 animals featured were hand-selected by the IUCN, Lacoste and BETC. Lacoste's studio created the logos using the same embroidery approach used for the brand's crocodile. The endangered animals include the Anegada Rock Iguana and the Vaquitas (a type of Porpoise).

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