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How Pepsi is localising content ideas

By afaqs! news bureau , New Delhi, March 12, 2018
Managing content-led campaigns across multiple markets and cultures is a significant challenge for brands. Pepsi has come up with its own solution.
Pepsi says insights can be global but local relevance creates success

When Pepsi launched its Generations campaign in February bringing back Cindy Crawford who was joined by her son, it took fans through decades and generations of the brand's history tied into popular culture. Pepsi Generations is a year-long campaign.

Now, Pepsi has taken this insight into Saudi Arabia. The theme around 'generations' was revisited, but instead of tying into pop culture, Pepsi decided that highlighting the change that the Saudi population is going through would connect with its target audience.

The campaign follows Saudi men as they get ready for success at the start of a day, it shifts through different men from different generations. The narrative includes women too. The message of Pepsi across generations is loud and clear.

Pepsi's strategy is simple: focus on a global insight that is delivered using local, relevant stories.

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