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Kate Spade moves away from its one-size-fits-all approach to social

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, March 13, 2018
How Kate Spade is building an entertainment-driven content strategy.
An image from Kate Spade's 'Make Yourself a Home' YouTube series

Five years ago when the fashion brand decided that digital was the way to go. However, what it did was create one type of content and pushed it across all platforms..

Five years down the line, the brand (since acquired by Coach last year) is doing things differently. Through creating content that's both platform-specific and entertainment-driven, the New York-based company has managed to create a digital strategy that it says is helping it connect and engage with fans.

It also took a more cautious approach to social media. Kate Spade has heavily prioritised YouTube in recent years, creating content that mimics the beauty vlogs and how-to videos that have taken the platform by storm in recent years.

Creating content and figuring out where it goes is old hat.. What matters is if the content is going to help on the channel chosen.

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