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The 'sleepiest print ad ever made'

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, May 09, 2018
Ikea and Memac Ogilvy come up with an innovative idea to give consumers a good sleep.
The ad, on the back of UAE's Good magazine, can be removed to use bedside for white noise.

How do you get a good night's sleep even if you do not buy Ikea's Somnig (it means sleepy, by the way) bed?

Memac Ogilvy Dubai has come up with an innovative solution for its client. The 'Somnig' print ad created by it was featured on the back cover of United Arab Emirates' Good magazine issue for April. The copy confidently promises that "Everything about Somnig is designed to help you sleep better." But how?

The ad is printed with lavender ink because the scent is "known to relax muscles, slow down your heartbeat and improve sleep quality," according to the ad copy. And, note this point carefully, you can remove the ad, fold out some tabs, plug the whole thing into a USB to charge, and then use it next to your bed as a white noise speaker. The music that plays once you plug in and the fragrance induce sleep.

It is one of those ads designed to tempt you into buying the product.

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