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How a lullaby awakened Beautyrest's marketing strategy

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, May 15, 2018
The team at Beautyrest saw an opportunity to push the company's somewhat stagnant marketing strategy in a new direction with 'Sleep".
[Photo: courtesy of Beautyrest]

It was composer Max Richter's score Sleep that awakened mattress brand Beautyrest's interest in a new idea. At Richter's concerts in Europe people were comfortably inside a sleeping bag or laying down on cots. "Why," thought Beautyrest's marketing team, "use Beautyrest's mattresses for that job?"

In partnership with Beautyrest, Richter's Sleep debuted in the US in March during the SXSW. It has, since, moved to a two-night engagement in New York City earlier this month. Rows and rows of Beautyrest mattresses filled the Spring Studios event space while Richter and his orchestra performed his eight-hour opus and the audience dozed off.

According to Beautyrest's chief marketing officer, the mattress industry had gone through a lot of disruption and it was time that leading brands like Beautyrest woke up and act more like a challenger brand. Finally, it was all about connecting with the consumer.

This should do the trick - or get them noticed at least.

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