Marketers are eager for programmatic advertising

By afaqs! news bureau, New Delhi, May 28, 2018
Marketers in the Asia-Pacific region are waiting to tap into the potential of programmatic advertising.
Digital TV is a step towards innovation and measurability for marketers.

Come January 2019 and Singapore as well as Southeast Asia will switch to digital TV.

Digital broadcasting in Singapore began in December 2013 when state-owned broadcaster Mediacorp converted all seven of its free-to-air TV channels to the digital format. However, it has continued to broadcast in the analogue format, which will end by January 1, 2019, with neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia following suit.

Innovation and measurability are what makes this format so appealing to marketers. However, targeting and measurement like data-driven automation and audience-based buying component are key foundations that will need to be built into digital TV and enable it across more networks, for it to be viable.

One of the plus factors is that having programmatic ads on TV will be more attractive than desktop and mobile because it is 100 per cent brand safe and viewable, as advertisers can put what they want to appear against with the high production values of the content, which they know is going to be safe.

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