Mercedes-Benz looks at 'human-centred' approach for young buyers

By afaqs! news bureau, Mumbai, February 13, 2017
The carmaker says it is prioritising content marketing and personal interactions as part of a new brand strategy.
Actor Peter Fonda in the new Mercedes-Benz ad

Mercedes-Benz is seeking to reach a younger audience by launching a new marketing strategy based on 'human-centred innovation' and 'customised agencies' reports Marketing Week.

Mercedes-Benz new advert for the American football championship Super Bowl was directed by the well-known Coen Brothers and stars veteran Hollywood actor Peter Fonda.

The spot that throws back to 'Easy Rider', the 1969 cult film in which Fonda made his name, shows a group of bikers in a bar just off Route 66 in California, with 'Born to be wild' by Steppenwolf as background track. The bikers come face to face with Fonda, who subverts his Easy Rider image by driving off in a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, instead of a motorcycle.

The advert's lighter humourous tone reflects Mercedes-Benz's new brand approach- focus on people rather than product engineering. Speaking to Marketing Week, its vice-president of marketing Jens Thiemer explains,"The messaging approach that we will follow more and more in the future is to take direct proof points like safety, comfort and digital, and decode those to say 'what is the benefit for the consumer - what is the human point of it?'"

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