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Fanta gets squeezed

The world's first asymmetric bottle for a carbonated drink hits shelves five years after it was conceived.

Back in 2012, when designers in his agency proposed the idea of a spiral bottle for Fanta that would make the orange drink look freshly squeezed, the creative director of London-based agency DrinkWorks wanted to first see how people interacted with a product.

He "got young people in a room, gave them fruit, carving kits, plasticine, play-do, pens, paper, told them to just play-make a mess! Observing people do what comes naturally when they're thinking of a drink and oranges like this was incredibly insightful."

Fanta loved the spiral idea, but executing it was a tough ask as symmetry in the design of the bottle is very important, if not the damage caused makes the packaging useless. But the designers found a way and the new bottle is now on shelves in the UK, Poland, Serbia, Italy, Malta, Finland and Romania. Other markets are waiting.