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Akshar Pathak promotes Pizza Hut's new 'Momo Pizza' on Instagram

Is it cheesy? Is it a pizza? Is it a plate of momos? It's... all of the above.

Is 'snacking wanderlust' past its peak?

Buoyed by prolific brand activity in ready-to-cook and food delivery segments, frequent snacking emerged as a biproduct of WFH over 18 months. As offices reopen, will the bingefest wane?

McCain French Fries promotes itself as alternative to restaurant delivery

In an influencer post on Instagram, Akshar Pathak lists down the benefits of making it at home, versus ordering in.

CRED’s Kunal Shah to Xiaomi’s Manu Jain to Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal: The advent of top bosses as a brand's face

We look at the trend of a company’s top guy or senior employee as the brand’s unofficial face, courtesy the power of social media.
Guest Article

A day in the life of a social media manager

The author, an art director at Zomato writes on how not to go about the social media business