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Apple is all for self-love in its new film for the Chinese New Year

The new 'Shot on iPhone' film explores challenges faced by Gen Z in China and beyond.

In a bid to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Apple has unveiled a touching 15-minute ad film titled Little Garlic. Directed by Marc Webb (who also directed The Amazing Spider-Man films), the film is shot entirely on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The film rides an emotional narrative, exploring the challenges faced by Gen Z individuals in China and beyond, delving into themes of self-acceptance and identity.

The poignant story revolves around Wei, portrayed by the talented Cheng Zi Xia and Liu Yi Yi, a young girl grappling with the universal struggle of fitting in and finding one's place in the world. Wei's journey takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a unique ability – the power to shapeshift. Using this newfound skill, Wei embarks on a quest for what she perceives as "perfection," inadvertently losing touch with her authentic self along the way.

A stabilising force amid Wei's internal struggles is her grandfather, played by the Chinese actor Fan Wei. Throughout the film, he serves as a constant reminder that Wei is already perfect just as she is. This powerful message becomes the catalyst for Wei to embrace her true identity and cultivate newfound confidence.

This marks the seventh Chinese New Year spot from Apple, celebrated for its emotive storytelling. In the previous year, Apple presented a touching narrative highlighting the resilience and passion of a young man devoted to opera.

Beyond the touching narrative, the new film also serves as a showcase for the technological prowess of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Entirely shot on this device, the film leverages the phone's advanced camera features, such as the stabilisation in Action Mode and the optical zoom capability. These features not only contribute to the visual appeal of the film but also highlight the versatile applications of the iPhone in creative filmmaking.

A behind-the-scenes video accompanies the release, providing a look into the meticulous process that brought 'Little Garlic' to life. From innovative shooting techniques to the collaborative efforts of the cast and crew, the footage puts together the entire creative journey that went into making the film.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max's camera capabilities take centre stage in the behind-the-scenes video, demonstrating its prowess in diverse settings. The stabilisation in Action Mode ensures smooth footage even in dynamic and fast-paced scenes, showcasing the phone's suitability for capturing action-packed sequences. Additionally, the optical zoom feature allows for creative shots, emphasising the iPhone's adaptability in various filming scenarios.

This creative endeavour by Apple extends beyond the screen, not only celebrating the emotional narrative of 'Little Garlic' but also emphasising the revolutionary capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max's camera. As technology continues to advance, smartphone brands are increasingly recognising the power of cinematic storytelling to showcase the camera qualities of their devices.

A recent example is Samsung, who, with the launch of their Galaxy S24 series, embraced the cinematic route to highlight their phone's camera capabilities. In their ad film, set in an art museum, Samsung demonstrated a commitment to cinematic storytelling, providing a visually stunning and immersive experience for viewers. This trend signifies a shift in the marketing strategies of smartphone brands, moving beyond traditional specifications to convey the transformative potential of their devices through captivating narratives.

As smartphone brands continue to explore the cinematic route in their marketing endeavours, audiences can expect more visually compelling and emotionally resonant narratives that go beyond showcasing technical specifications, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional advertising.

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