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Here’s your personalised invite from Jennifer Lopez for Virgin Voyages, courtesy of generative AI

Made by VMLY&R, the pop star’s AI avatar is the latest iteration of ad land’s growing love for intelligent machines.

Taking the admission of generative artificial intelligence (AI) into ad land one step further, advertising agency VMLY&R decided to create personalised invites from pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez (JLo) for Virgin Cruises; please welcome ‘JenAI’.

All cruisers (brand speak for customers) need to do is visit the Virgin Voyages’ website, click on the ‘Curate Your Voyage’ link, answer a few questions and see it spit out a personalised invite from the megastar.

“When we originally started working with JLo, our goal was always to create more out of the relationship than a traditional Godmother role. So, this voyage, decked out with exclusive and uniquely JLo-inspired programming, will encapsulate everything we’ve been working on behind the scenes together to bring this ethos to life,” reads a blog post on the website.

JLo forged a partnership with the brand in 2022.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, said: “This extraordinary company was founded on the idea of connecting people and celebrating all of life’s special moments. We want to be the ultimate choice for any kind of celebration travel, and let’s be honest, who can say no to Jennifer?”

This isn’t the first-ever major celebrity ad made using AI. Actor Ryan Reynolds, back in January 2023, released an ad for his cellular network Mint Mobile scripted by ChatGPT.

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