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Samsung’s Shilpa Dureja Puri touts Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s 108MP camera in a new spot

The ad also features Cheil India’s Emmanuel Upputuru, independent director Daniel Upputuru, and photographer Avani Rai.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung wanted to shoot an ad where the 108MP brilliance of its mobile phone Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s camera is magnified. So, the brand’s agency Cheil India got working.

The two decided to cast their own folks in the ad. We have Shilpa Dureja Puri, Samsung India’s director of marketing, film director Daniel Upputuru, photographer Avani Rai, and Cheil India’s chief creative officer Emmanuel Upputuru.

The campaign demonstrates how 21 high-resolution pictures can be cropped from a single epic image captured using 108MP.

“At Samsung, we believe in innovations that enable our consumers to do what they can’t. With our latest campaign, we are excited to showcase the power of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s pro-grade 108MP camera in an innovative manner. Photography enthusiasts can now click high resolution images with its 108MP camera and crop it into many pictures without compromising on the quality,” said Aditya Babbar, senior director and head, mobile marketing, Samsung India.

“We created a surreal visual journey of simple things in life that we missed in 2020 and turned them into #EpicDreamsOf21. This was captured in one epic shot in a setting we all wished to be in – the outdoors, using the power of 108MP of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Every dream composition within the #EpicDreamsOf21 was inspired by a work of art brought to life using a cast of over 40 models posing for the epic photograph,” added Cheil India’s Upputuru.

The last time we saw a brand, or an agency’s own folks in an ad was Xiaomi’s ad for its trimmer that featured three of its employees.

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And yes, how could we forget this. Just last month (in June 2021), Samsung taunted rival Apple in three international spots, where it compared the S21 Ultra 5G’s features against those of iPhone 12 Pro Max.