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When Anil Kapoor urf Sharma Ji searched for a Spotify playlist to make up with his wife

It’s the latest instalment of Spotify's ‘Sunte Ja’ campaign featuring Anil Kapoor.

They say music can set the mood in an instant. It’s also the hope Anil Kapoor urf Sharma Ji has in his mind because his wife Sujata is pissed. Why? Turns out he was late to pick her up and made her wait.

So, what does he do now? It’s pretty simple, he asks his daughter about the different kinds of few playlists on Spotify while Sujata is in the room. From calming bhajan playlists to travel playlists and even ‘sorry’ playlists, we’re shown you can find a playlist for anything on the music streaming app.

The ad’s YouTube playlist reads, “Music that plays along with your mood. Spotify has got you covered with over 4 billion ready-made playlists. Playlist chala, Spotify Sunte Ja.”

Recently, we saw Kapoor and Yashaswini Dayama (who plays his daughter in two more ads) that touted Spotify’s playlists. The ‘Sunte Ja’ campaign can be traced to 2019 when Spotify got on board Kapoor and Ishaan to promote its 50 million+ songs.

In May, the music streaming app introduced the Listening Together campaign, highlighting the power of audio and how it brings us closer together in a time when many of us are feeling apart