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HiFi Digi launches India’s Biggest Influencer Marketplace focused on Bollywood Promotions

India’s Biggest Music Marketing player - Hifi Digi launches its own Influencer Marketplace. The company has more than a decade of Experience in Media Planning and Buying. The only Agency in the country that has a track record of marketing 1000+ Movies; to name a few - Kashmir Files, Bahubali, 83, Padmavati and more.

Janak Bhanushali - the CEO of Hifi, says - “Hifi has given Incredible ROI in the past to it’s clients and have successfully given consequent hits. With technology investment in Influencer Marketing the company aims to adapt data first approach and and their clients are going to benefit the most out it”

The group holds expertise across the entire media planning and buying domain and will triple down its influencer operations in this financial year. The technology foundation is laid in association with Gurugram-based deep tech startup CultureX; where as the partner agencies of Hifi will add positively to the entire growth story.

Janak Bhanushali's Vision for the company is to make it the best Influencer Marketplace - in Movie and song promotion category. The platform allows Labels and Production Houses to real time track campaigns with 1000s of Influencers and MAKE the CONTENT GO VIRAL with scientific and proven methods!

Influencers at all levels, can access a series of Movie and song promotion activities from some of the leading bollywood players.The Company also partners with Meme Giants - SocioHub, a company led by Aryan Bhasin, Yajin Sharma and Pratik Agarwal, to give its client a complete 360° Experience and best-in-class ROI.

Nirmal Bhanushali and Niki Balia are going to lead the platform-growth in Hifi, with a Client-First approach and optimizing the overall processes. Niki Balia says “Influencers have always been a key focus area in HiFi and now with company’s step to become technology first, there are so many opportunities that opens up.”

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