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Guest Article

Can ad agencies hold off on selling fads?

Our guest author says that ads will continue to pamper fads, but some intelligent self-regulation will be loved by society at large.

ASCI chiefs on gender stereotyping and portrayal of women in ads

Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani felt ASCI guidelines on gender stereotyping have come a bit too late.

When all publicity is not good publicity

The Layer’r Shot ad has put the spotlight on the pitfalls of in-house creative teams and why checks and balances are crucial to good advertising.

ASCI orders inappropriate Layer'r Shot deodorant ad to be suspended

ASCI and MIB have taken action against the ads which were made by the brand's in-house creative team.

ASCI reforms Code to address issues of gender identity, body shaming in advertising

The ASCI code already required ads to not deride anyone on the basis of race, caste, creed, gender or nationality.

The business case for positive gender portrayals in advertising is real, say ASCI and Kantar

The study revealed that real women considered themselves more progressive than depictions in mainstream advertising.

Manisha Kapoor appointed as ASCI's CEO

She will continue to hold onto the post of secretary-general that she has held since September 2020.

ASCI launches paid due diligence service for endorsers to curb misleading claims in advertisements

A panel of experts, from over 20 disciplines, will assess advertisements including technical claims.

Paid partnership tag on Instagram acceptable alternative to disclosure labels for influencer posts: ASCI

The advertising body hopes this will reduce the burden on brands and influencers and will encourage greater compliance from all parties.

ASCI's report reveals six key offensive patterns in ads

The findings go into details of which advertisements got India worked up.