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Influencing the influencers? Decoding ASCI’s recent recommendations...

Influencers are simply being advised to make it clear that 'ads are ads', right? Our guest author opines.
Points of View

How will ASCI’s new rulebook for influencers change the game for social media agencies?

The new guidelines require influencers to make sure they declare, beyond doubt, which content is branded. Here is a peek through the agency lens…

ASCI’s gaming guidelines receive overwhelming response from consumers

80+ complaints processed against potential violators in 7 weeks.

You can do something more productive with a complaint than a Twitter rant says ASCI's Manisha Kapoor

The body's sec-gen talks about its new campaign that urges consumers to register complaints against misleading ads than ignoring them.

CCPA issues advisory on misleading COVID ads; how will brands be impacted?

The unsubstantiated claims that are punishable include '99.9% germ kill', 'immunity boosting', 'virus killing', and 'protects from COVID-19'.

ASCI bans alcohol brands' 'surrogate ads' that ran during IPL

The Advertising Standards Council of India upholds complaints against alcohol brands that used 'surrogate advertising' to push their products on both OTT platforms and mainstream television.

ASCI lays guidelines for misleading gaming ads

The guidelines will be effective from December 15, and apply to advertisements that are legally permitted.

ASCI upholds 90% complaints made against advertisements in August-September

These ads were mostly related to the health sector, with brands falsely claiming to cure or prevent COVID-19.

ASCI registers complaints against alcohol ads aired during IPL season

Complaints against eight ads for whisky, beer and white liquor brands have been registered in the past month.

ASCI announces COVID-19 advertising advisory

They are in line with existing ASCI codes and are the first of many steps to safeguard consumers from the plethora of misleading pandemic-related claims.