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Guest Article

Advertising in times of Coronavirus

While happenings around us inspire advertising, a promising opportunity, at times, might blur the lines between the dos and don'ts of the job

Meanwhile anti-coronavirus products are mushrooming one at a time...

Playing on people's anxieties about the virus and its spread, misleading products have cropped up. Here's a look at the gems.

ASCI comes down hard on advertisements violating its Code for Self-Regulation

It investigated complaints against 408 advertisements in November 2019.

Misleading ads can now attract Rs 50 lakh fine and five years jail time

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare pushes to protect consumers from misleading ads.

ASCI unveils guidelines for usage of awards, ranking in ads

This is ASCI's first announcement from the initiatives planned for 2020

'ASCI' upheld complaints against 137 advertisements out of 344

80 other advertisements promptly withdrawn post ASCI intervention.
Points of View

Is it time to monitor influencer advertising like TVCs?

Here is what experts think.
People Spotting

Rohit Gupta, elected the new Chairman of ASCI

Subhash Kamath, Managing Partner, BBH Communications India was elected the Vice-Chairman and Shashi Sinha, CEO, Media Brands, was re-appointed the Honorary Treasurer.

ASCI upheld complaints against 190 advertisements out of 334

The trend of advertisements featuring celebrities without observing Guidelines for celebrities in Advertising continued.

ASCI Update: Complaints against 132 advertisements out of 231 upheld in May 2019