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Glow & Lovely’s first-ever ad features fair-skinned Yami Gautam

After dropping the word ‘Fair’ from the product’s name in an attempt to be more inclusive, Glow & Lovely’s first ad with actress Yami Gautam is now on air.

Washington Redskins might change its name as sponsors threaten to pull the plug

'Redskins' is considered a racial slur against Native Americans. In the present atmosphere, it looks like the name just has to go or the brands will.

Google's new ad shows extent of 'search' around racial injustice in the US

The ad shows how more and more people are 'searching' to understand and support racial equality.
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Walmart withdraws 'All Lives Matter' T-shirt over social media backlash

The T-shirts, which were available on the Walmart website, have now been taken down after allegations of racism came up on social media.

Adidas HR head resigns from the company over racism allegations

Adidas' CEO Kasper Rorsted announced that he will take over as interim HR head until a permanent replacement is found.
Marketing removes 'skin tone filters' from its platform

Shortly after HUL dropped the word fair from its product 'Fair & Lovely', announced it would remove the skin tone criteria filter from its site.
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Snapchat apologises for offensive 'Juneteenth' filter

The controversial AR face filter, which asked users to 'smile' to break the chains, faced backlash on social media.

Johnson & Johnson pulls skin whitening creams off shelves in Asia, Middle East

A spokesperson announced that Johnson & Johnson will stop selling its Clean & Clear Fairness creams in India.

Quaker Oats retires Aunt Jemima line of syrups, foods

PepsiCo acknowledges that the name and logo of the line of products is based on a racial stereotype, and is no longer acceptable.
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Starbucks launches Black Lives Matter merchandise after social media backlash

Baristas will now be allowed to wear t-shirts that bear a graphic design that shows their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.