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Influencer Marketing

Should brands be cautious of associating with toxic influencers?

Political parties, just like brands, are investing in influencer marketing to appeal to the youth. However, what happens when a said influencer’s content begins to become toxic? Shouldn’t brand safety be a priority for all brands? Let’s ask some experts.

Ad fraud: the eternal challenge grows in size

Tech giant Google tripled the number of ad suspensions between 2020 and 2021 due to spike in ad fraud cases.

Decoding the brand safety conundrum

Industry experts at MGID presents Digipub Week discuss why brand safety is as much a concern for publishers as it is for advertisers.

Decoding the brand safety paradox

Laura Quigley and Saurabh Khattar of Integral Ad Science talk about the merits of contextual advertising, impact of ad frauds, evolving brand safety technology, and more.

Brand cyber security for publishers

Aseem Ahmed of Akamai Technologies makes a case for cyber security and tells us about the different kinds of fraud…
Social Media

United Airlines' witty tweet reminds users to stay in their lane...

United Airlines' tweet is a reminder that brands don't always have to play nice on social media

IRCTC's Twitter clapback can be a lesson to brands on programmatic media buying

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War on ad fraud


Viewability, Ad Fraud, Brand Safety...