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CCPA cracks down on UPSC toppers' ad deals with coaching classes: Mint report

The gov body says such ads are misleading and unfair trade practices.

CCPA imposes Rs 10 lakh penalty on Byju’s over misleading IAS coaching ads: Mint report

Byju’s intends to appeal the order.

Amitabh Bachchan and Flipkart face legal action for misleading advertisement

The actor is being called out for his alleged fallacious endorsements, that could hamper the livelihoods of ordinary sellers of India.

CCPA to issue new guidelines for social media influencers

Influencers who fail to disclose brand association for ads or put out misleading ads, can face a penalty of up to Rs 50 lakh

Govt imposes prohibition on surrogate advertising; alcohol and tobacco brands main casualties

Ambiguity around brand extensions, however, has caused more confusion than clarity.

Government bans surrogate advertising, rules against misleading ads

The guidelines will be applicable to advertisements published on all platforms like print, television and online.

CCPA issues advisory on misleading COVID ads; how will brands be impacted?

The unsubstantiated claims that are punishable include '99.9% germ kill', 'immunity boosting', 'virus killing', and 'protects from COVID-19'.

CCPA releases guidelines for the prevention of false and misleading advertisements

It covers a wide range of ad topics such as its validity, comparative and bait advertising, and expert endorsements among others.

With the CCPA regulating misleading ads, what is ASCI's next move?

ASCI is a self-regulatory body and unlike the CCPA, it can't impose fines or penalties on parties guilty of misleading ads.