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Get ready for Digipub Week, an afaqs! e-conference about the digital publishing industry

MGID presents Digipub Week will take place every day between May 10-12, 2022 from 4 PM to 5 PM.

"Meaningful journalism does not require a platform, it requires good content": India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai

In the final session of Digipub, the senior journalist spoke on how digital journalism is different from its print and TV counterparts.

Has video lived up to its promise?

On the last day of Digipub Week, we look at the rise of video and whether it has paid off on all early expectations.

“We have potential to grow in non-English and video segments on digital media”: Times Internet’s Satyan Gajwani

In a chat with Vanita Kohli-Khandekar, contributing editor, Business Standard, on the first day of Digipub Week, the vice chairman at TIL, talks about the growth plans of the Internet giant.

The saga of Indian languages and web publishing

On the final day of the Digipub Week 2020, a panel discussion looked at the tech and content challenges that Indian language web publishers face.

How does affiliate marketing work for publishers?

Can publishers make affiliate marketing work for them? What are the promises and pitfalls? A panel discusses on Day 3 of Digipub week.

The rise of e-papers in times of COVID

Many newspapers saw an increase in the consumption of their e-papers when the lockdown started. How has this period been for publishers?

How can adtech aid bid for monetisation for publishers?

On Day 2 of the virtual edition of Digipub Week, a panel discussion looked at how to reimagine adtech for web publishers to monetise content effectively.

The way forward for monetisation - is it a profitable strategy for publishers?

In the first ever virtual edition of Digipub 2020, a panel discussion attempts to unravel the challenges publishers face when it comes to monetising content.