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“Today, marketers reach 100 per cent of their audiences through mobile phones”: Taranjeet Singh, Criteo

The tech company helps marketers deliver full funnel marketing goals.
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Upskill in Digital Marketing with ISB for a high-growth career

What's the secret to a successful career? Knowing the answer is the difference between long-term growth and obscurity.

Need good ROAS & Organic Social Media growth? Learn from Blusteak Media's digital marketing efforts

Creators either educate or entertain, and that's exactly what we try to do in social.
Marketing Initiative

The Significance of Digital Marketing Tools for Consumer Brands and Importance of Upskilling for Career!

Guest Article

7 things digital marketing has changed about classical marketing

A guest essay, written from the vantage point of how classical marketing has undergone changes in the face of the digital onslaught.

Average Ad-Fraud rate to go up to 45-55% against the present 25-35%

Ad-Fraud likely to increase in Digitally Mature as well as new entrant organisations in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic.

The right mix for running successful digital campaigns during the lockdown

What do the online differences between the green, yellow and red zones tell us about locked-down India? The implementation of the lockdown led to a 132% increase in biddable programmatic inventory.

Parle ventures into TikTok influencer space...

...for its latest campaign titled #SeekDontHide.

GALF mandates their Digital Marketing duties to Halfglassfull


Only 3% Indian digital marketers measure ROI correctly: LinkedIn report

The findings of the report highlight the struggles of digital marketers