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Elon Musk accuses Apple of threatening to ban Twitter

Musk claims that Apple has been putting pressure on Twitter over requirements for content control.

Study reveals Elon Musk loses top 100 advertisers on Twitter in a month

Seven additional advertisers seem to be reducing their advertising on Twitter to almost nothing.
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Elon Musk to offer amnesty to suspended Twitter accounts

He made the choice after a poll voted in favour of forgiveness than continued suspension.
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Elon Musk puts the relaunch of Twitter Blue on hold

Launched soon after he bought Twitter, the $8 verification offering was suspended because it led to impostor accounts spreading misinformation.
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Chris Riedy appointed as Twitter's new head of advertising sales

He takes over the role from Robin Wheeler - who was among the people laid off from Musk's 'new' Twitter.
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#RIPTwitter: Will Twitter soon be dead to brands?

Following two weeks filled with failed experiments, mass resignations, and notable brands announcing a halt on Twitter ad spend, the hashtag "RIPTwitter" trended on the platform recently.
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Twitter sees mass exodus after Musk calls for extremely hardcore culture to build the next version of the bird

People, it seems, don’t want to be “working long hours at high intensity.”

Elon Musk to appoint new CEO for Twitter soon

Musk says that he does not intend on staying the CEO of Twitter forever.
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Elon Musk says Twitter Blue to relaunch on November 29

The $8 verification offering was launched and then, in a few days, caged after a staggering rise in impostor accounts.
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Twitter will let organisations identify accounts associated with them says Musk

And the now-suspended Twitter Blue paid subscription might make a comeback.